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Efficiently operate your arcades and family entertainment centers using our cloud management, online games, e-commerce and marketing solutions.

Let's Play,
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Instead of just providing you with cashless systems & card readers
we provide a
full business solution  that includes marketing, e-commerce, online games, social presence, central back office, data driven insights and professional support.

Leveraging our +13 years of gaming industry experience we strive for reinventing customer's experience and increasing your business results!
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Marketing & Ecommerce

Use our real-time personal marketing system to maximize customer engagement. our multi coin commerce system is so flexible, you can offer almost any package you can imagine via in-store point of sale, web site, mobile app or a self-service kiosk. 

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Meshing the offline and online worlds

Why stop making money just because your venue is closed? Choose from a library of 500+ online games, let customers play online and bring them back to collect prizes from your offline store the next day.

Cloud management system

Cloud-based system to ensure effortless and secure location management system. out-of-the-box auto up scaling and descaling based on real time traffic, automatic server updates and maintenance, high end security and privacy.
Setup a new location in less than a day!

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