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Durable, smart & beautiful reader for NFC Cards, Bracelets and mobile phones

Ultra Smart & Reliable 

Utilizing modern IoT technology and ultra durable glass means our reader just won't fail and won't break even when kids really try to :)
Super fast multi-core processor and advanced Wi-Fi connectivity ensure it is always ready for gaming.
The large LCD screen and 10 RGB LED lights make it attractive and convenient to all family members.

Effortless Management_2.png

Effortless Management

Once installed, technicians and operators use our cloud back office on desktop, tablets and mobile phones to remotely configure the games machines. our reader support over-the-air (OTA) updates just like your personal phone

Ultra Flexible

You can customize the look and feel of every screen graphics and animation, support multilanguage, holiday specific graphics. You can even 3D-print your own plastic cover to fit your brand!

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