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Manage all your arcade sites from one central back-office system

Cloud based; no server hardware required

A true cloud-based system to ensure effortless management of all your arcade centers.
high-end performance and availability, enterprise level environment even for the smallest arcade, with auto scaling during rush hours, automatic server updates, firewalls, data replications, high end security and privacy.


Smart game pricing

Our sophisticated games pricing policies and multi-coin system enables you to support different play coins, time-based play, subscriptions, happy hours, special days and more.

Enhance player engagement

Create virtual Jackpots, challenges, game boosters and more to increase player engagement both online and on site.


Single Point of Management

Our roles-based security system let you define roles for technicians, on-site employees, managers and more. Each roles will have restricted access only to the tools and data they need to use.

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