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  • I already have a card reader solution that works well, can I add mobile integration?
    Yes! We provide both internal and external contollers. Our internal controller is installed inside your gaming machine and can operate side-by-side with your existing card reader. Your users can decide what solution to use and migrate slowly, once you feel safe, you can install our external controller and win the full superior customer experience.
  • I have only a few machines, can i use your solution?
    Yes! Arcades:Manager can fit any kind of business, from having few machines to a multi-location business with dozens of branches in different countries and languages. By using cloud technology we dramatically reduce setup fees for hardware and software even for clients with a single machine. When your business grow, you will be able to add our premium services like dedicated mobile app, active marketing campaigns and more.
  • Do you support Cards?
    While our solution is focused on customer experience, we do provide an hybrid solution that support cards, wristbands and any NFC appliance to activate a game. Parents can assign a card to their child using their mobile and save time or they can get a card at the cashier with our POS (point of sale) integration.
  • I'm confused, can i see a real working demo?
    We will be happy to assist you with more information and provide access to a real working demo site. Please visit our demo page.
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